Apartment Living: The Not-So-Good Side

Well, there’s also a down side to living in apartment

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Much like anything, considering to live in an apartment instead of investing in your own house is serious business. It comes with its own share of advantages, and at the same time it has serious disadvantages, too. Think of it as deciding to purchase something when you shop online. You really have to consider the decision carefully, and not simply pounce on anything that comes with special discounts. You have to count the reasons which really matter, and that means including the disadvantages of apartment living.



Disadvantages of Apartment Living

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First disadvantage, is, of course, restricted space. Upon renting an apartment, you have to take it as it is. You can’t make decisions such as enlarging it, renovating it, re-structuring it (unless in extremely rare circumstances where the owner actually allows you to make changes, but again, extremely rare circumstances). You will have to work with the space that’s available for you, and to many people, that might feel a little too restrictive.

Second disadvantage, you might experience difficult neighbors. Much similar to space, you also do not have control over who gets to live in the unit beside you, above you, below you. Your music might be a little too loud for them, their games might be a little to unruly for you. They might have kids that don’t care if you’re asleep and they still make noise. Or you might have a snore that’s enough to wake up their entire family. Whatever it is, be ready for some personality adjustments.

Third disadvantage, with apartment living you’ll also most likely experience a restriction in outdoor space. There are very slim chances of you getting a spacious balcony where you can spend your lazy afternoons. Neither can you expect enough room for your plants and sports equipment (if you’re that kind of person). You’ll have to find a way to compromise with your hobbies and the outdoor space that’s made available for you.

So, after you’ve settled in, the next thing you have to think about is the need to furnish your apartment. Of course, if you’re not the type who enjoys the thinking and the imagining, you can simply get all your old stuff and dump that all into your new space. For people who’d like to have a stronger sense of ownership over their space, however, it’s great to be able buy pieces that really match your personality. To save up on this stuff, though, you will need to use coupon codes, such as the AliExpress coupon.

You can also try the code de réduction LightintheBox, so that you can really have more options when it comes to filling up your space.

So when all is said and done, going for an apartment is much similar to any major decision that people have to make – it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Haha, yes, all this is true. Especially the ‘not in control of your neighbors’ part, which can get really annoying

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  2. Still, even with the disadvantages, living alone is better than having to put up with family expectations.

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  3. I’m amazed. I’ve experienced all this, but I still can’t manage to let go of my apartment. I love it too much.

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  4. I’ve lived in an apartment for almost 15 years. I think it’s quite easy to say it’s great and fun but I always longed to have my own house with a garden. So I guess, it’s a matter of personal choice 🙂

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  5. If you are living in a highly urbanized place, it is more practical to rent an apartment than owning one. The high cost of living space can really be a bad thing to everyone.

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