How To Minimize Rent Costs

Surprisingly, you can minimize your rent costs.

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More than just getting an idea of advantages and disadvantages, as well as ideas on how to save money while paying for rent, there are also a number of ways that you can actually minimize the rent cost itself. If that sounds surprising to you, then you’d better get over the surprise quickly and start moving, because it’s really true.

Even if apartments don’t really come with coupon codes, like the products you see in online shops like Lazada and Zalora, there still are ways to cut down on the rent amount that you have to pay. Few people know about this, so it would be good to begin practicing them as early as now.



Some Ways to Save On Rent

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First, you can trade work for rent. If your landlord/landlady seems nice enough to work for, you can actually talk him/her into taking you on for specific work. As payment, tell them to not charge you rent anymore. If you’re lucky, you just might find yourself with a way to escape your rent duties and find something more worthwhile to do.

Second, calculate your expenses on rent. Most likely, it’s not just rent you’re spending on, but also other utilities. Note if these are already included in the rent that you’re paying for. If not, then try to look for something cheaper, do your research, conduct your informal surveys around your area. That way, you will actually know what you’re getting into.

Third, share your space. If you’re living alone, and you don’t mind sharing your space with someone, you might want to consider having someone to share your space (and your rent) with. That way, you get to split the amount that was originally just for you. Also, you might be doing someone a favor by offering a home to that person. What you’re doing is actually a favor that goes both ways.

Fourth, learn the art of negotiation. If you feel that your rent is really too much for what you’re getting, then don’t be afraid to talk it out and discuss with your landlady/landlord. Be honest about your budget and all your other considerations.


  1. I’m good at negotiations. I didn’t know I could use these skills for minimizing rent costs. Wow.

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  2. Thank you for the rent-saving hacks! I’ll try applying the ‘work for rent’ suggestion.

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  3. Wow, sharing my apartment space! Makes me think about my privacy, but I guess savings is more important LOL

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    • I think privacy isn’t an issue if you share your apartment space with a friend or relative. It’s also much safer to do so. 🙂

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  4. It’s already a common practice among renters to share their living spaces to save on the rent. I think the best way to save is always go for the much cheaper rental in the first place.

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    • Yeah, but cheap most of the time means dilapidated or worse – dangerous.

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  5. Cheap does not mean crap! Most of the landlords I know has a very strict reputation when it comes to building maintenance.

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  6. Talking about budget, cutting a few things and earn some saving on the process – sounds like a very hard thing to do.

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