Tips to Save Money While Renting an Apartment

Is there really a way to save more money while renting an apartment? Definitely.

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There are a lot of ways that you can save more money while renting an apartment. Of course, the space isn’t yours, but there is still a degree of control that you can exercise (especially over your spending) which will allow you to maximize the use of whatever you’re buying for your space, while at the same time minimizing cost.

You can think of it as similar to securing special discounts whenever you shop online. You never take the prices of products as they are. You always have to check if there are discount codes which make cheaper shopping more possible for you. It’s the same with apartment renting.



Ways To Save Money While Renting

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First, make sure that in buying stuff for your apartment, you purchase multitask. For example, instead of buying a sofa and a bed, buy a sofa that also collapses into a bed. Or, you can also buy a table that also serves as a good storage box. Aside from saving you money, it also saves you a lot of space, too.

Second, do not buy too many stuff. Remember to keep it minimalist: you only buy what you really need. So stop thinking about a new full-length mirror if your old one is working perfectly well for you. Do not add more plates if you’re not going to feed the whole neighborhood.

Third, think of renting or borrowing items instead of having to buy them. Evaluate your needs if they are recurring or are just actually isolated cases. If they’re just isolated cases and are never likely to recur, then just borrow an item from a friend or a neighbor that addresses that need.

Fourth, remember to watch your energy use. Sure, it’s easy to get lost in electricity especially if you’re living alone and no one’s there to regulate your usage. But of course, it’s better to instill some degree of self-discipline, lest you end up regretting your excessive energy use upon seeing your utility bills.


  1. This is good objective stuff right here people! Great blog!

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  2. The part where you say ‘rent/borrow instead of buy’, I could really learn that. I realize I keep buying stuff I’m only gonna use once. Tsk.

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  3. LOL. Haven’t thought about any of this seriously before. But this actually makes lot of sense.

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  4. If you are renting, there’s no way to save that much. Most of the money you will have will go to rentals.

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  5. Thanks for the tips! I really got a new way of saving on my rental costs and the overall daily expenses as well. 🙂

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